Functional Additive Masterbatch

Antioxidant Masterbatch

How to protect your polyers against thermal degradation and discoloration during many stage of polymer life?

Polymer Asia antioxidant Masterbatch is simply your solution.

Antifogging Masterbatch

Antifogging Masterbatch is used to preventing condension of moisture for PE, PP food packing film.

Our Antifogging Masterbatch also performs well at low temperatures and harsh climatic area.

Antiblock Masterbatch

Polymer Asia Antiblock Masterbatch helps decrease friction between film to film, film to production equipments. It also helps increase output and impart lubricity for ease of use.

Our Antiblock Masterbatch is served on PE packaging film, CPP, BOPP film.

Antistatic Masterbatch

Polymer Asia Antistatic Masterbatch is a unique solution for surface electric charge problems of plastic material. This electric charge is main cause of dust attraction, dirt particles or even a fire or explosion hazard.

Slip agent

Polymer Asia offers Slip agent Masterbatch to reduce COF for PE packaging film, CPP, BOPP film with FDA certified.

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Polymer Asia offers Optical Brightener Masterbatch to enhance whiteness to your polymer.

Clarifying Masterbatch

You are facing with haze issue of your PE, PP films or your PP molded parts?

Polymer Asia Clarifying Masterbatch is just your best solution for your problem.

Processing Aid Masterbatch

Polymer Asia Processing Aid Masterbatch eliminates melt fracture, reduces operating pressure (electricity saving, capacity increasing), reduces die build-up, gel formation and gives faster color transition.

Antibacterial Masterbatch

Polymer Asia new generation of Antibacterial Masterbatch will help protect plastic products from microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi and mold…

Foaming Agent

Polymer Asia Foaming Agent is solution for weight reduction, resin usage reduction, improving thermal and acoustic insulation, increasing structural strength, and minimizing sink marks and surface flaws.

Laser Marking Masterbatch

Polymer Asia magical Laser Marking Masterbatch helps to mark on plastic without the need of ink or color, prevent falsification or tampering or non pre-treatment of polymers required.

Purging Compound

Polymer Asia Purging compound is designed to clean all primary plastic machinery (injection molding machines, blown film, cast film, blow molding machines, extruders) when changing color, resin or simply to remove black specks or contaminations effectively.

  • Coupling Agent & Tie Layer

    Our PA-Bond product is your best solution when you would like to connect incompatible material such as: PP with wood fiber, ABS with glass fiber, PP with talc, mineral filler, PC with ABS, etc...
  • Impact Modifier

    Impact Modifier PA-Bond is the best solution for applications based on PA6 and PA 66; with or without glass fiber; that requires high impact performance at normal and low temperature conditions...
  • Engineering Compound

    Thanks to high-advanced lab testing equipments and our own experienced engineers, Polymer Asia has designed engineering plastic products with: Low thermal expansion coefficient, Electrically conductive, High stiffness, ...
  • LSZH Compound

    Low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) or Halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) compound is the main material to produce safety cable which are typically polyolefin based with a heavy doping of inorganic hydrated minerals, give off cleaner smoke when burned ...
  • IS Masterbatch

    Applying breakthrough technology to disperse insecticide into polymer matrixes, our IS Masterbatch is the best choice for fruit wrap manufacturers. Benefits Of Fruit Bags With IS Masterbatch: Control migration speed of insecticide with long term UV protection. Especially, effect on thrips, mealybug, scale insect, aphids and red cotton bugs …
  • Color Masterbatch and Compound

    Polymer Asia offers full range of color for various types of plastic material. Our color Masterbatch and Compound are matched in high advance laboratory on various kinds of polymer: PE, PP, ...
  • UV Masterbatch

    Polymer Asia offers a wide range of UV Masterbatch which help maintain mechanical properties & prolong shelf-life of plastic for outdoor use ...
  • Functional Additive Masterbatch

    Antioxidant Masterbatch, Antifogging Masterbatch, Antiblock Masterbatch, Antistatic Masterbatch, Slip agent, Optical Brightener Masterbatch, Clarifying Masterbatch, Processing Aid Masterbatch, ...
  • WPC Additive

    Polymer Asia has successfully developed an Intelligent additive solution to produce WPC process easier and more efficient manufacturing operation ...
  • Light Diffusion and Thermally Conductive Compound

    Polymer Asia designed new generation compound to apply to light applications: They are Light Diffusion and Thermally Conductive Compound ...
  • Filler and White Masterbatch

    Polymer Asia Filler and White Masterbatch is made to contain 60-80% minerals based on thermoplastic resin such as PE, PP, ABS, PET, HIPS, etc ...